Thursday, October 25, 2012

Principal's 200 Club

We are so excited to announce our Principal's 200 Club here at Coral Canyon! This is a great program that rewards students for showing respectful behavior to teachers and fellow students or for standing as an example of great character for others.

Teachers are on the lookout for students who follow school rules and who show exemplary behavior and they will select model students to become members of the club. Students then report to the office to sign the Principal's Celebrity Book and place their names on a bulletin board outside of the office. The most exciting part is when a row fills up, either horizontally or vertically, then all the students in that row WIN A PRIZE!!  Prizes can be a Pizza Party with the Principal, Ice Cream with the Counselor, Gift Certificates or other wonderful mystery prizes!

Parents will be notified by email or by phone when their student "joins" the Club! This is a great chance for them to celebrate the great things happening at our school. We have the best students and we want to recognize them for their accomplishments!