P200 Club

We love the Principal's 200 Club here at Coral Canyon! This is a great program that rewards students for following school rules, showing respectful behavior to teachers and fellow students or for standing as an example of great character for others.

Teachers are on the lookout for students who follow school rules and who show exemplary behavior and they will select model students to become members of the club.

Students then report to the office to sign the Principal's Celebrity Book, receive a pencil and place their names on the P200 bulletin board outside of the office. When a row fills up, either horizontally or vertically, then all the students in that row will be invited to a P200 Club Party where they will meet with the Principal and receive their rewards!!  Prizes can be a Pizza Party with the Principal, Ice Cream with the Counselor, Gift Certificates or other wonderful mystery prizes!

We also choose a SuperStar winner each month randomly picked from the group of students who attend the party! This student wins the grand prize and his/her teacher also wins a $20.00 gift card to be used in the classroom.

Once the rows have been filled, we clear the board of all the students names and begin again! This allows us to have a P200 party about once a month. Students can have their names on the board more than once and tickets can be given by any adult in the school, not just the classroom teachers, so kids never know when someone will notice their great deeds.

At Coral Canyon, we want to create a positive environment for student learning. Our Principal's 200 Club helps us do that by recognizing the great things that we see happening at our school everyday! We hope every student gets a chance to be recognized for good behavior.

If you have questions about our Principal's 200 Club, feel free to contact the school anytime. We'd love to hear your feedback!

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