Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Ribbon Week Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd

Red Ribbon Week is here! We are working hard at Coral Canyon to make sure that our school is a safe and friendly place for students to attend school. Each month we have our Steps to Respect curriculum in classrooms where we learn to prevent bullying by being respectful to our friends, inviting everyone to join in, and how to be powerful bystanders who can make a difference!

Each day this week, our PTA is helping us to celebrate our commitment to being drug and bully free! Students are invited to participate each day in the following ways:

  • Monday- Turn your back on Drugs! Students will wear their shirts backwards today and all students will have the opportunity to sign a drug-free pledge in the lunchroom. 
  • Tuesday- Red Ribbon Kickoff! Wear red to show you are Drug- and Bully-free! We will tie ribbons to our fence to show everyone that our school supports a bully and drug-free life.
  • Wednesday- Say Boo to Illegal Drugs! Happy Halloween! Students will wear orange and black today or a school spirit shirt
  • Thursday- Be the Change! Students will be given a caught being good coin at recess if they are spotted showing kindness, including others, playing fairly, etc. 
  • Friday- Team up to be bully and drug free! Students will wear their favorite team jersey and meet out on the field at 9:30 for our wrap-up activity!

Be sure to talk to your students about what it means to be bully- and drug-free! I'm sure they'll have some great things to share with you about our fun Red Ribbon week activities. Thanks to our Coral Canyon PTA! Red Ribbon Week rocks!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Principal's 200 Club

We are so excited to announce our Principal's 200 Club here at Coral Canyon! This is a great program that rewards students for showing respectful behavior to teachers and fellow students or for standing as an example of great character for others.

Teachers are on the lookout for students who follow school rules and who show exemplary behavior and they will select model students to become members of the club. Students then report to the office to sign the Principal's Celebrity Book and place their names on a bulletin board outside of the office. The most exciting part is when a row fills up, either horizontally or vertically, then all the students in that row WIN A PRIZE!!  Prizes can be a Pizza Party with the Principal, Ice Cream with the Counselor, Gift Certificates or other wonderful mystery prizes!

Parents will be notified by email or by phone when their student "joins" the Club! This is a great chance for them to celebrate the great things happening at our school. We have the best students and we want to recognize them for their accomplishments!

New School Rules and Character Education Themes

Our school is embarking on a journey to improve the character and increase positive behavior of students here at Coral Canyon Elementary School! We are implementing a new initiative called PBIS or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This is a framework that guides the students mastery of school rules and character education lessons learned via Steps to Respect, our classroom bullying prevention program.

In order to make this easier for students, we have opted to revise our school rules to 4 concise and easy-to-remember rules that envelope other classroom rules or expected behaviors at Coral Canyon. 

The new school rules are:

Be Really Safe!
Be Respectful!
Be Responsible!
Be Ready to Learn!

We will also be focusing our character education at the school on monthly themes taken from Steps to Respect. These themes are:

October- Be a Friend, Not a Bully
November- Include Others
December- Friends Play Fair
January- Put Ups, Not Put Downs
February- Stand Up for the Truth (Assertiveness)
March- Bystander Power (Positive Peer Pressure)
April- Be an Example

We will start celebrating and reinforcing these rules and themes this month with our Principal's 200 Club. Click here to learn more about it!